Creative Writing Courses

Free Online Creative Writing Courses

Here are some free online Creative Writing courses that I enjoyed going through (please feel free to recommend any you like in the comments section):

A nice entry level course from 'The Crafty Writer' that takes you through the fundamentals in a nice and informative way:
Free online creative writing course
'The Crafty Writer'

Open University have free online courses in their 'Open Learn' area (easy to enroll) and this 'Start Writing Fiction' course is not only well structured but also includes audio guides and some useful links too:
Free university start creative writing course
'Start Writing Fiction' from Open Learn

This course from MIT, which centers on short story writing but covers many of the elements involved in writing a good narrative, not only includes lots of good hints and tips but is also downloadable in 'pdf' form:

Free online short story writing course
Story Writing lecture notes

I hope, as I did, that you enjoy getting something from these courses. Good luck ;-)

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